Video Production Services

Design Rendezvous offers a wide range of videography services from a single camera deployment for a dedicated event to multiple cameras’ deployments for exciting event coverage. In video post production, we will masterfully bring out the best from the captured video footages to achieve the intend objective. The creative play of colour to express the mood of the scene, the precise insertion of the visual effect, the right balance of audio and effect will ensure your targeted audiences receive a lasting impression of your video content.

Finally we can package your completed video content to be delivered in various media formats and various media platforms.

Video production tends to be a highly customized endeavour. The following is an example of what would normally take place.

1.   Meet the client to receive the creative brief.


2.   Project requirements analysis and pre-production preparation.


3.   Present our video production proposal.


4.   Commence the video production.


5.   Follow up with the video post-production.


6.   Screen the draft video for the client’s approval.


7.   Finalise the video into the media formats for delivery and packaged the final finished product.


Our Experiences

We also have experience in producing the following types of videos:

  • Concerts
  • Dance
  • Educational
  • Events (Training / Corporate Functions / Performances)
  • Product & Services
  • Weddings and Birthdays

Video Production

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La Passion Video

The Journey Dance Videos


Education Videos

Event Videos

Product and Services Videos