Documentation Services

Design Rendezvous sees technical writing as a joint effort between the product/system developer and the writers to deliver the relevant instructions and knowledge to the customer in an effective, concise manner while not compromising the integrity of information. To that end, our documentation services include designing the content structure or revamping of existing content and manuals for a better user experience, providing of concise technical illustrations, product photography and retouching photographs for publication.

An example of the process on a technical documentation project would be as follows:


  1. Meeting clients over documentation requirements.

2. Gathering project information.

3. Meeting client for project discussion.

4. Checking information collected.

5. Start documentation production.

6. Documentation Review.

7. Distributing completed documents to different media channels.

Below are some project documentation completed.

Air Domain

Sea Domain

Damage Control TRainer
Damage Control Trainer

Land Domain