Animation Production Services

Our animation production journey begins with a consultation to learn more about your product or service, plans and objectives. With this information in mind, we then creatively approach the project to enable you to sell your product or services persuasively. We can help you present solutions in an appealing manner, or generally enhance your videos by creating a dynamic introduction or ending.

The process of any animation project generally is as follows:

1.   Meet the client to receive the creative brief.

2.   Analyse the project requirements.

3.   Present our animation proposal.

4.   Develop consensus with our client to approve the animation proposal.

5.   Begin the animation project.

6.   Screen the draft animation to the client for approval.

7.   Finalise the animation into the media formats for delivery and package the final finished product.

Our Experiences

We have experience in animating the following:

  • Graphic features on a video menu/content page
  • Corporate logos
  • Construction processes / intended progression
  • Proposed technical solutions
  • Miscellaneous 2D images

Animation / Visualisation

Preview Clips


Sample Animation Clips