Digital Content Creation Services is the DNA of all our services. We inherit the same creative power designed by our creator to develop an engaging content that impact lives. Check us out. We will be pleased to imprint some of our DNA trademarks on your products and services.
A Little bit of background on our commany

Design Rendezvous was founded in 2003 to meet a niche demand within Singapore, for developing creative content. Our team is capable of fulfilling the creative content needs of Singaporean OEMs and locally situated MNCs, in order to help them better meet their client expectations.

Technical Documentation

Technical Writing is the main focus of our company. Making full use of our years of expertise and experience in the field, we strive to provide all customers with excellent supporting documents for their products, systems and platforms. Our company will help to ensure that your supporting documents reflect accurately the product data at hand, and are capable of matching or exceeding customer needs.

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Video Production

Design Rendezvous has, over the years, shot and produced many videos for both longstanding regular clients, as well as for ad-hoc projects. We are happy to work with you to create video content that gets your message across in an engaging and memorable manner. We have the capacity to produce sterling quality videos for commemorative events, concerts and corporate functions.

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3D Animation / Visualisation

At Design Rendezvous, we provide 3D animation services to translate our client’s solutions and proposals into engaging animation clip in a memorable and experiential form. Animations can greatly enhance the engagement quality of your communications with the public, or potential clients. Unlike a static image, animation can also illustrate processes from start to finish.

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Address : 38A Sea Avenue Singapore 424256.
Contact Number: +065 9844 8486